David Talbot
Mon 24 August 2015

Django - unexpected behaviour when deleting optional fields

I've just come out of a situation where data has been deleted from a site I'm responsible for - I wasn't expecting this to happen when writing the schema so I thought it worthwhile adding here in the event that it helps anyone else who may be in ...

Sat 04 October 2014

Resetting a Django app managed by South

I'm currently working on a Django 1.6 project. The project is still in the early phases of development and I have the luxury of being able to be fairly destructive when it comes to dropping models and repopulating data etc.

Before too long, however, I'll have to ...

Mon 22 September 2014

Enabling native spell checking with Django-CMS 3

We use Django-CMS extensively at the company I work for, Pancentric. I was recently given what, at first, seemed to be a fairly simple request: ensure that any misspelled words are highlighted within the default text editor.

I'm fairly new to CKEditor and although I'm liking using it ...

Fri 25 April 2014

Django - testing model methods

I recently stumbled upon a "gotcha" which may help someone else testing Django model methods.

An overview: I recently found myself in a situation where I needed to ensure that the slug field on a model was unique.

A simplification of the model is as follows:

from django.db import ...