David Talbot


Thu 03 November 2011 / Lang-8teaching

Having a little bit of time on my hands (I'm on holiday) I was able to have a bit of a look around the web for some language resources which could help me along the way.  I had some nice feedback from Clarence at TheFineApps, pointing me towards some observations that he's been able to make on the language learning path.  Trying out new, fun ways of learning is something I can't disagree with - the more it feels like hard work the less likely I am to stick to it.  So I had a bit of a look around.  Once I'd found Lang-8 I stopped looking - this looks to me like it could be a great place to improve my written language, as well as helping other people out. From what I can tell, this is a place where it's possible to post snippets in your target language and hope that people will be able to post comments and corrections.  Since most of the post here are in English I thought I'd help do some correcting.  What I found interesting about this is that, having had no formal languages teaching experience, I'm at a loss why we would say in English "I am crossing the road" rather than "I am crossing *a* road".  It's given me plenty of food for thought.  Written German isn't my strong point so I'll be looking to use this site more and more to help me gain more confidence.  I've posted a cursory couple of paragraphs about a trip I made to The British Museum yesterday.  All done off the top of my head so no checking for adjective declination and cases etc. (this probably says a lot about my approach to the finer points of language learning!)

I'm also aware that the only way I'm going to progress is to start doing a little bit every day and ensure that I keep things moving slowly but surely.  I think Clarence's daily posting log is a really good idea - from my experience it's much easier to keep moving forward when I can see where I've come from.  I'll probably do something similar, although not post these to Twitter or Facebook for these "check in" tasks.