David Talbot

German adjective endings - a short cut

Mon 06 October 2014 / adjectivesgermangrammar

I can never get my head around the proper way to decline German adjectives.  In conversation, I tend to just rush through things without worrying too much about grammatical accuracy but if I want to improve my written language it's going to be pretty vital to find a quick way of getting things right.

Any search for "German adjective endings" will take you to a number of different sites explaining how every permutation of gender, case and article combines to give you the ending you're looking for.  There are 48 different permutations; trying to glean the correct choice by mentally trying to recall the image of a table of this data in my head just isn't effective.  It's an effort to recall.

All this changed after following one of the points in a book I bought by Judith Meyer: 72 Ways to Learn German for Free.  She directed me to a four-step process illustrated by Nancy Thuleen which quickly gets me to the ending I need; far quicker than the abstract declension table I've been mentally schlepping around for the last six years.

Both of the sites above are great resources for learning German, too.